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SWAT Team Murders Unarmed Man in Seattle

[[CORRECTION: The original article (corrected below) says this happened in Bellevue.  Actually, the murder was by a SWAT team from Bellevue PD, but took place on Seattle’s south end]]

This comes from the Seattle Free Press.



First hand account of Police Murder in [Seattle]


From our friend Guy:

This morning, at 4:57 am, Bellevue SWAT assassinated an unarmed man directly in front of my house by firing 23 rounds into his body with automatic assault weapons. My three sleeping children and my wife were less than five degrees from the line of fire.

The Bellevue and Seattle Police claim that while attempting to deliver a warrant, the victim backed up and hit our neighbors’ truck and then put the car into drive and lurched forward and that that is the reason that the eight person strong, fully armored and armed SWAT team opened fire.

This is not true, and my neighbors and I have pictures to prove it.

The car hit the truck with such force in reverse that later the tow truck had to pry the vehicles apart. Furthermore, we live on a dead-end street and the SWAT tank was behind the truck that the victim backed into and blocked the only exit from this block ( I could clearly see this through my window).

There was no where for this dude to go in his car and the SWAT would have clearly known that. The victim was on his way to work, had violated his parole and panicked when approached by SWAT and hit the gas in reverse, at which point the SWAT team opened fire.

Following the explosion of gun fire, the SPD gave us no information, only yelling “stay in your homes” which of course I ignored and evacuated my family with no assistance from our “protectors”.

Immediately after the killing, my children were screaming, “I don’t want to die” as the SWAT continued their assault with percussion grenades on the vacant house while the victim bled to death on the street.

This is outrageously blatant misconduct and this block of supportive neighbors has pictures and we have a voice… this operation was conducted on a densely populated residential street where over ten children and their families live. The Bellevue police and the SPD put my family in the line of fire.

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