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New Spanish Fly is excellent because it:

  • Increases libido up to 300%
  • Is FDA (for USA) and MHRA (for EU) approved
  • Increases the chances of multiple orgasms
  • Has no side effects
  • Increases the pleasure of touch by up to 230%
  • Starts to work in 5 minutes
  • is clinically tested
  • Needs just 5 drops into any drink

5 drops is all you need

You can combine Spanish Fly Pro with any drink – just add 5 drops to wine, coffee, or even to an ordinary glass of water and leave everything else to this wonderful product.

The effect takes hold after about 5 minutes – dramatically increasing a woman’s appetite for sex by boosting libido and sex drive immediately...

Use it and experience the miracles yourself

It is clinically proven that after using Spanish Fly Pro for a sufficient time-period it increases libido in women, making them love sex more and even allowing them to enjoy orgasms like never before.

All you need to do is add several drops of Spanish Fly Pro to your partner's drinks every few days, and after some time has passed, she will become a wild animal screaming for more sex.


Works at any age and for everyone - both women and men!


Spanish Fly Pro was tested by 23 couples for two weeks, with every participant filling out an anonymous questionnaire afterwards. 91.3% of couples stated that the female partner experienced an increase in libido, and 86.9% of female participants stated that the intercourse itself was much more pleasant.

Even women who had never before had an orgasm, thanks to Spanish Fly Pro were able to enjoy it during each sexual encounter – and often had multiple orgasms.

Those were our tests - now see what the real customers are saying:

  • We tried everything, new positions, toys, place... I have really stressful work, small child and loan on neck so my sexual life was hard. Something changed, my libido decrease down and I was depressed. So I googled for something what can help me and I found Spanish Fly Pro in one discuss topic. On first try it wasn‘t good as I expect, but when I use it regularly my sex appetite was back!

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  • I don‘t know with what you fill this product but it‘s great as fuck! I don‘t overact. When I invite some girl to my house on watching film together, I offer her wine with small upgrade - yes, few drops of Spanish Fly! I slept with 6 of 7 girls last month. I am satisfied, girls are satisfied and everyone is happy! I love you for making this product, thanks a lot!

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Try Spanish Fly for 60 days - with all the risk on us!

If You are not satisfied, we will refund Your money!

Order any package of Spanish Fly Pro below and try it. If your sex life does not improve, if your girlfriend is not trembling every time you touch her, or even if you’re just not satisfied in general, simply send us back the empty bottles and we will refund the full price of your order!

It may seem like we’re crazy. But we know and we believe that our product works and you will not send it back. On the contrary, we are certain you will simply join our huge list of satisfied customers, leaving a great review and ordering another package!